Who We Are

For over four decades, the Brandywine Peace Community has worked to promote peace through nonviolent protest.  The economy is not doing as well as we would like, and any contribution, of any amount, would be extremely valuable for our cause.  For each dollar you contribute, you bring us one step closer to ending war and violence.

Imagine if the billions of dollars the government spends annually on arming soldiers, funding wars, and developing new weapons could go toward something more important.


To put it in perspective:

According to the National Priorities Project:

Enacted Department of Defense for the fiscal year of 2012 is 544.3 billion in taxes.

That is 69 million annual scholarships for university, 279 million children receiving low-income healthcare for a year, or the annual salary of 7.8 million police officers.


We rely on your generosity and support to remain active and influential advocates against war.

Please make your contributions payable to Brandywine Peace Community and send to:

Brandywine Peace Community

P.O. Box  29674

Philadelphia, PA 19144

If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation, please send your check  payable to Center for Creative Activities – BPC.  to the address above.

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