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OUST TRUMP [Vote!] USA ELECTION DAY EVE ‘SOUND-OFF’ & CELEBRATION of Black Lives Matter, Justice, Democracy. City Line & Monument Aves. in front of WPVI/ABC Channel 6.

November 2, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

ELECTION DAY EVE ‘SOUND-OFF’ & CELEBRATION of Black Lives Matter, Justice, & Democracy…

‘Sound-Off ‘  & Celebration…A large, loud bell, that has accompanied the Brandywine Peace Community in its four decades of protest demonstrations and nonviolent resistance, will toll on USA Election Day Eve and  horns from the massive number of cars and trucks on City Line Ave. will honk in a loud expression of people’s support to ‘OUST TRUMP’, to VOTE on November 3, to do democracy, in the most important and consequential Election of our time (period).

Signs and banners for all provided!  Bring noisemakers and a friend! It’s your Sound-Off & Celebration!

6abc Action News - WPVI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware News

Mask-wearing is mandatory and six feet social distancing as well as nonviolent discipline will be observed throughout the SOUND-OFF and Celebration on City Line Avenue.

You are encouraged to bring a folding chair on which to sit but stand if you wish. Parking would be best in the TARGET parking on Monument Avenue.  SEPTA #65 runs frequently between Germantown and the 69th St. Terminal.  Coming from 69th Street you can get off right off in front of Channel 6 at the corner of City Line and Monument.  Coming from Germantown, you need to cross City Line Ave.  when you exit at City Line and Monument

See www.brandywinepeace.com for more information or call bob smith at (215) 843-4827.

Dump Trump by
Tom Mullian,
Sept. 2020

You live in a white house
Look down on black streets
But I know your game
Though you ain’t dressed in sheets

The American dream
Is still being shattered
When you tell lies
No lives matter

What this really means
And so you boast
That some lives matter
More than most

Gonna throw… you out with all your junk
Push you back until you jump
Here’s the word for November 3rd
We’re gonna dump Trump

I’ve come so far
Won’t get turned around
Got my voting rights
You can’t hold me down

I’m gonna stand in line
At the polling station
Do my civic duty
I made a reservation

I’m gonna raise my voice
In the voting booth
Gonna vote you out
And elect the truth
Gonna throw…

I Won’t be oppressed
Won’t feel depressed
Gonna be a success
In my protest

We can feel the need
For persistence
And voting now
Is resistance

Gonna throw.
(Words & music by Tom Mullian
copyright 2020)

The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple - The Atlantic

 The Trump regime must be toppled for the sake of humanity and the future.

Your vote this year is a matter of citizen resistance. Raise your voice.

Rent Strike: Off-campus tenant union mobilizing against Landlords ...Rent Strike: Off-campus tenant union mobilizing against Landlords ...Rent Strike: Off-campus tenant union mobilizing against Landlords ...

VOTE – NOV. 3              VOTE – NOV. 3       VOTE – NOV. 3

Topple Trump…Highly recommended reading below, click and read!

Honoring Democracy…STOPPING A ‘COUP’.

Trump will do everything he can to hold onto power.  A Coup? Yes, it could happen here. And you know who is saying so?  Donald J. Trump!  He refuses to make a commitment to the “peaceful transfer of power” outlined in the U.S. Constitution.
But, friends, it can be stopped with and only with nonviolence, and we, with you, are just the people to do it , together with thousands of people throughout the country.

“10 things you need to know to stop a coup”
Daniel Hunter , September 18, 2020.

Trump must be ousted by the ballot and the vote count must be overwhelming.  That’s the first step in deterring a coup.

We know a power grab or “a coup” is underway if the government:

  • Stops counting votes;
  • Declares someone a winner who didn’t get the most votes; or
  • Allows someone to stay in power who didn’t win the election.

 Sign the Choose Democracy Pledge, https://choosedemocracy.us/

People associated with the Brandywine Peace Community, and with decades of experience in nonviolent action, are preparing for a threatened Trump coup.

To join us either call 215-843-4827 or e-mail us at brandywine@juno.com

Brandywine Peace Community P.O. Box 29674, Phila., PA 19144 
tele: 215-843-4827    www.brandywinepeace.com


November 2, 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Brandywine Peace Community


WPVI ABC channel6
4100 City Avenue
Philadelphia, 19131 United States
+ Google Map
215) 878-9700