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VAX UP, PHILLY!!! PARADE. Accompaning “REACH-OUT” Planned by Brandywine Peace Community

August 22 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Tomorrow’s (Aug. 22) VAX-UP PHILLY PARADE Has Been Postponed until next Sunday, August 29 due to tomorrow’s prediction of dangerous weather associated with Hurricane Henri. Click HERE for parade’s postponement announcement.
As such, the Brandywine Peace Community’s planned “REACH-OUT” at 15th & Market Sts, across from the Phila. City Hall west side/Dilworth Plaza in support of the parade has consequently been rescheduled as well for next Sunday, August 29, beginning at 1p.m.
The parade route and event is as follows:
  • 11am – 1pm: FDR Park Vaccine Clinic at the Southeast Asian Markets 
  • 1:00pm: Parade Depart FDR for South Broad Street
  • 2:00pm: Parade arrives at City Hall and marches around building
  • 2:30 – 3:30pm: Parade Stop and Free Vaccine Clinic at Dilworth Park (15th and Market) *
  • 3:00pm: Press Conference at Dilworth Park with Key Speakers
  • 3:30pm: Parade Depart Dilworth for North Broad Street
  • 4:00pm – 5:00pm: Parade Stop and Free Vaccine Clinic at Philadelphia OIC (1231 N Broad Street)
  • 5:00pm: Event End
 * Brandywine Peace Community “REACH-OUT” demonstration with banners and posters, and more, beginning at 1p.m.at the northwest corner of 15th and Market Streets at the SEPTA subway entrance directly across from Dilworth Plaza.
See ya Next Sunday ?!?
Covid-19 Vaccine Saves Lives.
Get The Shot NOW.
Brandywine Peace Community
P.O. Box 29674, Phila., PA 19144
www.brandywinepeace.com  –   215-843-4827

Covid-19 Vaccine Saves Lives.
Get The Shot NOW.

A note to friends and activists from the Brandywine Peace Community!

[1p.m., this Sunday, August 22, join us at 15th & Market Streets, northwest corner
at SEPTA subway entrance across from Phila. City Hall, Dilworth Plaza,
for a special VAX-UP PHILLY Street “Reach-Out”.  More below. ]
This Sunday, August 22, a parade like no other in our city’s recent history will begin at 11a.m., from FDR Park, at 1500 Pattison Avenue & S Broad St, in South Philly and conclude in North Philly at the OIC [Opportunities Industrialization Center].  Below are the articles from BILLY PENN newsletter and the AL DIA NEWS on the day’s parade.
The parade will sound a musical and loud encouragement for the people of Philadelphia (and others, presumably, who work and care about the city) to come together to stop the Covid-19 Pandemic, amidst the recent variant surge and increase in infections, transmissions, hospitalizations, and deaths in our city.  On our mind will also very much be the un-ignorable explosion in the epidemic of the city’s handgun violence and its undeniable connection to militarism around the world.
While always important, it is vital for people now to come together in an insistence on caring as the first act of being truly alive, and just, and at peace with one another.
To act justly and to be at peace with one another is to be or to get vaccinated, period.  
The parade’s midway point will be Phila. City Hall, where the VAX Parade will pause and gather in a Philly celebration and press conference. Like the parade’s opening and closing point, there will be the administration of Covid Vaccine shots to the un-vaccinated.
Beginning at 1 p.m., prior to the arrival of the parade, the Brandywine Peace Community invites you to stand with us, or sit, and make some noise with drums and chanting, at the northwest corner of 15th and Market Streets at the SEPTA subway entrance directly across from Dilworth Plaza.
Banners and related posters will be provided. If, at all possible, please join us on the northwest corner of 15th & Market Streets, from where we will support and add our voice to the VAX parade prior to and throughout its event in Dilworth Plaza. People are invited then to walk, if possible, in the parade to its conclusion at OIC in North Philly
Please send this invitation, if you will, around to your religious group or community members through e-mail and social media. Bring your group’s banner. We’ll provide posters. Don’t forget to bring water, to apply sunblock, and, if you need to sit, bring your folding chair.  Don’t forget to Mask-Up.
It’s time again to show and bring alive our connection of caring to our city and its communities.
Brandywine Peace Community
P.O. Box 29674, Phila., PA 19144
www.brandywinepeace.com  –   215-843-4827
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Fox News spreads lies about Vaxing.
Fox News Lies; People Die.


End the Violence: from Handgun to H-Bomb


August 22
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Brandywine Peace Community


Phila City Hall, West Side Plaza, 15th & Market Sts.
15th & Market Sts.
Philadelphia, PA 19102 United States
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