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Nonviolence Discipline


The following discipline has been developed for people participating in Brandywine Peace Community organized direct action and civil disobedience and is intended to assist in the nonviolence of these actions and the overall campaign. The discipline is designed to assist participants in their involvement.



* We will observe with co-actors, police, Lockheed Martin employees, and passers-by, the rules of human courtesy. We will exhibit no hostility - physical or verbal - toward anyone.


* Throughout the entirety of the demonstration, direct action, or nonviolent civil disobedience, we will trust in the representation and facilitation of the designated coordinators.



- when asked to leave by Lockheed Martin security or police, we will politely decline, affirming the steadfastness of our witness; - when we are placed under arrest, we will go peacefully, for we understand the legal jeopardy of our actions. Those of us who choose non co-operation with arrest understand that non-cooperation does not mean resisting arrest - "going limp" means to assume a posture of stillness.


- We will commit no acts that could endanger anyone. We will focus our minds, bodies, and spirits on the nonviolent action and purpose. We will resist Lockheed Martin, war, and the economy of war with nonviolence and love.


*Participants in Brandywine Peace Community sponsored nonviolent civil disobedience are expected to undergo Nonviolence Training and will attend civil disobedience specific preparation meetings.


*The Brandywine Peace Community has no funds available for bond and/or fines, nor can Brandywine be responsible for providing legal assistance and/or representation if desired in any court proceeding (s).