YOU PAY For Bush’s War!


War Spending is the Bush Administration’s Chief Priority

as Military Budget Exceeds $400 Billion

At least half of all your federal tax dollars goes for war, military spending, and the billion dollar weapons contracts of such arms producing giants as Lockheed Martin. Meanwhile, the Bush Administration is cutting social spending - funds for health care, the environment, housing, even veterans benefits.

Even before the costs of war in Iraq are added in, the United States, with a $400 billion military budget this year, spends about $1.1 billion dollars per day on the military. The U.S. spends more on the military than any other nation. Russia- the world's next largest military power- spends one-sixth as much. Since President Bush took office, military spending has increased more than 27%. The appropriation of $145 billion for military operations Iraq is on top of the Bush Administration’s $400 billion military budget. Meanwhile, domestic needs are severely under-funded and now being cut.

Tax Day - The Price of Bush’s War and Lockheed Martin

More than 1500 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq, more 10,000 wounded. The British Medical Journal, the Lancet, reported last Fall that the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq has resulted in the deaths of at least 100,000 Iraqis - a human figure significantly higher than previous estimates. The medical study further revealed that most of the 100,000 Iraqis who died were “women and children killed in violent deaths, primarily carried out by U.S. air strikes.”

Meanwhile, Lockheed Martin announced earlier this that its revenues rose by 41%, with an astounding $8.4 billion in profits for one quarterly period alone . Lockheed Martin is by far the war’s chief profiteer. The New York Times conservatively reports that more than 34 million people in the U.S. live in poverty that one in five children under the age of five in the U.S. are poor. Health care, mass transit, housing are every bit the casualties of war.

Lockheed Martin is the world’s largest weapons corporation. Every major U.S. weapons system - including nuclear weapons and “Star Wars” weaponry - is produced by Lockheed Martin whose federally financed contracts exceed $35 billion. The average U.S. household will this year pay more than $200.00 to Lockheed Martin.


It’s Still Our Democracy and Our Money. And We Can Resist.

We can protest the war and military occupation of Iraq.

We can resist Lockheed Martin, and work for peace.

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